To understand the transformative power of sound, you really must experience it.

You most likely have many times already and not paid attention to how much it can affect your emotional and physical state. From listening to your favourite pop tune, which elevated your mood, to attending that rock concert that vibrated through your chest and left you in a euphoric state. And of course the powerful ballads that allowed us to embrace pain and cry. This is the power of sound.

Sound healing is tapping into this with a little more intent and purpose. We are merely vibrational beings. Everything in our body is a vibration. As is sound. We can use sound to realign our bodies and find balance in a non invasive relaxing way.

medicine drum

The main tool of any Shaman, this ancient drum uses tone and tempo to enable one to enter a dream like brain wave state. This drum sounds the heartbeat of the earth and allows connection to the rhythm of life.


Djembe means joy.

Djembe does not know who is playing it. It does not know young. It does not know old. It does not know male. It does not know female. It does not know race. It does not know black. It does not know white. It does not know fear. It does not know anger. It does not know good player. It does not know bad player. It only knows joy and the person who wishes to sit and be in joy with it. This West African Drum brings with it the sounds of ancient Africa where it has been used for thousands of years.

Hand pan

Often described as the sound of angels, this instrument will take you away to a unique heavenly place. 

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